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oalition negotiations."After two round of elections,▓ several attempts to form a government and Netanyahu's legal affairs, Israel finds itself in a political deadlock that might not end in the near future.Polls conducted on Thursday by Israeli media outlets show no major change in the polit

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ical map. A poll by channel 12 showed 46 pe▓rcent of the Israeli public believes Netanyahu should resi▓gn in light of the indictment."The notion of justice is burni

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ng in me," said Netanyahu. "I will not le▓t this lie win. I will continue to le▓ad this country, according to the law.""T▓he end of the deadlock is directly connected

Benny Gantz, ▓leader

to the end of the Netanyahu era," sai▓d Egoz.If Netanyahu's feisty appearance after▓ the attorney general announced the indictment is anything to go by, he is deter

of the B

lue and White party. While G▓antz has said that his desire is to form a national unity government with the Likud, hi▓s quick rise to popularity in Israel is greatly because o

mined to stay in the political arena as the prime minister. This means more political uncertainty for Israel. ▓Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina's UK ▓embassy has rejected claims by

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a former emp▓loyee of Britain's Consulate in Hong Kong that he▓ was tortured by the Chinese police.Ex-UK consulate ▓worker Simo

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en you come to a city for the first time, every street

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can be an interesting site, a▓nd taking a bus to visit

  • is a good option.Rock carvings reco▓rd lives of primitive peopleRock carvings record li▓ves of primitive people11-19-2019 16:12 BJTI went to Yinchua▓n, the capital city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in Sept?/p>


  • 坋mber. I was well prepared and had my cell phone fully charged.I left for the city from Beijing and the▓ flight took less than two hours. The plane flied above the mountains. It was a good day with great visi


  • bility, ideal for capturinglandscape. The Yinchuan Municipal Government has attached great importance to develop tou▓rism. It has cooperated with the local Liuliu New ▓Energy Company to offer electric sightse

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rts. The images▓ carved on the rocks are the last remna▓nts of nomadic tribes living on the steppes. They▓ provide valuable mat

andate than the Likud in the ▓las

erials for the study of the ways of life, religions, farming, husbandry, hunting▓, and astronomy of various ethnic minority groups in ancien▓t C

t election, he failed to muster th

hina.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Instagr▓amPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatYou can tell if a nation is going in the r

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ight or wrong direction by observing if t▓he citizens of a respective country are optimists or p▓essimists. The optimists are emboldened by a▓ 鈥

o form a government."Gantz is st

渃an do鈥?spirit, believing they can overcome their current challenges and still succeed▓. The pessimists view themselves as victims and filled w

ill inca

ith▓ dread over their future.Why Chinese are optimistic about China鈥檚 future?Why Chinese are optim▓istic about China鈥檚 fut

ure?11-20-2019 18:00 BJTPlease scan the QR Code to follow us o

n InstagramPlease scan the

QR Code to follow us on WechatHong Kong legal experts said on

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